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4 Ways Inspire Catalogs

Can Help You

1. Ship Them

When shipping an order to a client, include a few

Inspire catalogs in the box. When your customer

receives their order, they’ll flip through the

catalog and could find ideas for their next order.

3. Mail Them

Because the Inspire catalogs are digest size, they

are easy to mail to potential clients and are also a

great reminder to existing clients that it’s time to

order again.

4. Hand Them Out

Give them out at professional networking events,

meetings and around the community to extend

your reach and expand your audience.

2. Leave Them Behind

Always leave an Inspire catalog behind aer each

sales visit. These can go a lot further than a

business card.

Here are 4 ways you can use them to increase

your sales and market your business:

Order yours today,

SAGE Inspire Catalog™ is a printed, digest-size publication filled with over

400 popular promotional products

designed specifically for your customers.