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other prospects that represent very large


On my second panel, I was joined by

three of my existing clients, so my

opportunities for new business were lim-

ited. But the experience really helped us

bond. Advocating for PPAI turned out

to be a great opportunity to help some

kids, make some connections and relate

in a different way to some of my clients.

It would have been difficult to achieve

all of this any other way. Becoming an

ADvocate has been a win-win situation.

Ian Miller, Ed.M, MAS


I Miller International & Co.

South Orange, New Jersey


The Value Of Knowing Your

Company’s Value

The April issue of


featured a col-

umn by Jeffry Meyer, MAS, CEO of

Certified Marketing Consultants, on

benchmarking the value of an industry

company. Meyer’s article looked not only at

quantifying the current worth of a company

but also on identifying its future earnings.

Thank you for publishing the article

“What’s Your Company Worth?”

Creating and building a distributorship

that has value and is sellable is a real chal-

lenge. The article provides a good frame-

work for what I need to do and how to

prepare for the sale of my business, but I’d

like to learn more about this topic.

Avery Manko


The Manko Company

Mendenhall, Pennsylvania

UPIC: manko

I read with great interest and

approval last month’s “What’s Your

Company Worth?” by Jeff Meyer of

Certified Marketing. Someone in Jeff ’s

role would also raise these issues to busi-

ness owners: 1. What is the realistic tar-

get market of buyers for your business,

(financial or strategic? If strategic, what

is the strategy?); 2. In what ways do your

business and your skills have different

values to different buyers?; 3. Post-sale,

what are your aspirations and continuing

compensation needs, and what is the

highest and best use of your talent?; and

4. Most importantly, how does one

address the total destruction of equity

value that ensues if the tipping point is

reached and liquidity distress shakes the

confidence of our supplier community? I

say “most importantly” because as an

active acquirer of distributor businesses,

we have chosen to not consummate

transactions that would not pay the

trade in full.

Marc Simon


HALO Branded Solutions

Sterling, Illinois


MAY 2015 •


• 9

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