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An ADvocate Program Success


Produced by PPAI and ASI, the

ADvocate program is a speaker training and

local marketing initiative designed to train

promotional products professionals on how to

make presentations to end buyers about the

power of promotional products and how to

demonstrate why industry professionals are

the most effective resource for their commu-

nications and marketing solutions.

The ADvocate program has always

interested me. So, at The PPAI Expo in

Las Vegas, I took an education program

on becoming an ADvocate and was

directed to a lot of support material

through the Association.

As if the stars had aligned, I

received an offer to be part of a panel at

a charter school in Newark, New Jersey,

and decided to try the ADvocate train-

ing I had taken. Would it be worth

using several valuable hours of my

workday to advocate for PPAI? I was

not sure, but it was an opportunity to

give back. I was to be on two panels,

one in the morning and one in the

afternoon. PPAI sent some promotional

items, such as some stuffed bees and a

few other things, and I brought a few

items of my own.

It was inspiring! One student asked

me to be her mentor. I gave out the bees

and apologized that I could only give

bees and that their teacher would need

to give out the A’s. But the big question:

Did I waste most of a business day?

Well, I could not solicit for my company

according to the rules, but my panel and

lunch included several others who ran

major companies. They were happy to

get my promotional material and cards

after our panel was over, and most of

them also wanted some of the ADvocate

promotional material as well. One week

later, I had an appointment with one

company, a quote for a second and three

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• MAY 2015



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