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Celebrating Community


On November 24,

PPB Newslink

featured the news that Norcross, Georgia

distributor Accolades, Inc. had been inducted

into the Atlanta Business League Hall of

Fame at the group’s 82nd Annual Dinner

Meeting. Accolades is the first promotional

products company to be inducted into the

Hall of Fame, which recognizes African-

American-owned businesses that have

conducted continuous business for more

than 25 years.

Thank you for including Accolades,

Inc.’s recent induction into the Atlanta

Business League Hall of Fame in



. I am honored! That issue of

PPB Newslink

was read by many. I

received tons of emails throughout the

day and wondered how so many of my

colleagues were aware of the news.

Finally, that night when I got around to

my email, I had the answer—



. And at this time of year, it’s

another reason for me to be thankful.

Daryll H. Griffin, MAS


Accolades, Inc.

Norcross, Georgia


Service Superheroes Every Day

In conjunction with the November

2015 issue of


’s feature on the 2015


Service Superheroes, PPAI took to

Twitter to ask industry professionals to

share their own stories of the best customer

service they have received.

The best customer experience I have

had was from Evans Manufacturing. We

were asked by one of our clients to see if

we could get 10,000 pairs of promo sun-

glasses that only Evans had. They were

having a convention and really wanted to

use the sunglasses as a kickoff item at

their pool party. We contacted Evans with

our request and to our disappointment

they said that they could not fill it. But

about 20 minutes later we received a call

back. Evans had looked over their inven-

tory and the other orders of those sun-

glasses and determined that they could

help us out after all. They contacted their

manufacturers in China on our behalf and

pulled all kinds of strings to help us meet

our client’s deadline. It was great working

with them because they could feel our

sense of urgency to help our client. I have

never seen another company work so

hard, call in so many favors and pull so

many strings as Evans did for us on our

sunglasses order.

Since then we try our absolute best to

work with Evans as we know that we can

trust them to deliver and work hard to

make us look good in front of our clients.

Casey Petersen

Marketing Director

BrightPoint Creative, LLC

Salt Lake City, Utah

UPIC: B601953

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• JANUARY 2016



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