PPAI Magazine May 2024

The Coolest Stuff In Promo | Must Read Coolest Solution That Gets All Your Other Solutions To Be Friends The problem with solutions is you might wake up one day and feel like you have too many for your staff to even integrate. Celigo uses AI to help integrate programs and connect applications. “When everything talks to each other, it reduces errors and increases efficiency,” says Nick DiNicola, PPAI’s digital transformation manager. Coolest Online Version Of A Starter Home The term “starter home” sounds like a qualifier, but anyone who has purchased a first home knows that it comes with a great deal of pride, and it represents an exciting beginning. That’s a bit like SAGE’s Starter Stores, industry and theme-based company stores that are pre-built and help distributors pitch company stores to a client without having to build from scratch. They mark the beginning of a great relationship. “The best thing of all is that Starter Stores are free for all distributors,” says Bille Forman, SAGE’s vice president of marketing. Coolest Way To Turn Your Phone Into A Kaleidoscope Pantone’s online software, Pantone Connect, not only gives you access to their online color library – we’re talking some 15,000 proprietary colors, from 2024 Color of the Year “Peach Fuzz” to 2020’s “Classic Blue” – it essentially takes the physical swatch and turns it into a digital graphic color so that an entire team can easily stay consistent with specialty colors during production. Coolest Quiz With The World At Stake That might be a little dramatic. Then again, some might argue it’s perfectly apt. There are a lot of reasons for promo companies to figure out if, where and how they need to improve sustainability, but Storm Creek’s CEO Teresa Fudenberg says education doesn’t stop with team members. Promo firms have a duty to enlighten their customers about sustainability. “We got tired of people saying, ‘Our customers don’t care about that,’ so we launched the Storm Creek Sustainability School,” Fudenberg says. The program includes a quiz for companies to measure their own sustainability credentials. PPAI • MAY 2024 • 55