PPAI Magazine May 2024

Must Read | Decoration The Coolest Stuff In Promo Do you have a lead on something cool happening in the promo industry? PPAI Media wants to hear from you! Let us know about the coolest ideas, events, people, solutions and products at CoolestStuff@ppai.org. Coolest Safe Space Where There Are No Stupid Questions Oracle’s NetSuite is an enormous tool for promo companies. So enormous, in fact, that it can provide different forms of help to different companies. It would be easy to use incorrectly or fail to maximize it. That’s why PPAI formed the NetSuite User Group, which includes in-person meetups and ask-me-anything sessions with experts. Coolest Way To Show Your Client There’s No Funny Business Your clients probably already trust you, but nothing builds a great relationship like transparency. commonsku’s client and project portals give clients complete visibility to current and past orders, allowing them to place reorders and start new projects with a click of a button and on their own time, in their customized dashboard. “Clients love your transparency and ability to track their orders through production, and distributors love the organization and how it frees their inboxes and phone lines,” says Alyson Anderson, product marketing manager at commonsku. Clients love the ability to track their orders through production —Alyson Anderson 56 • MAY 2024 • PPAI