PPAI Magazine May 2024

THE BRANDED MERCHANDISE INDUSTRY is full of problemsolvers. And anyone who has spent some time around the promo community – heck, anyone who has spent 15 minutes in the SAGE database searching through the diverse product offerings – knows that those solutions to problems are typically going to be of the creative variety. Because promo professionals come at issues from so many different angles, suppliers and distributors often must navigate their own myriad subgenres of obstacles. Thanks to PPAI member business services providers, there’s probably an available solution to any dilemma. Let’s focus on a couple of the coolest ones, just in case you ever need them. Coolest Way To Give The HR Team A Break From personal assistants and admin help to graphic designers, Delegate CX has become a go-to partner for promotional products firms looking to add offshore help without the headache. Some 400 distributors and suppliers have used the company, which has hired more than 1,250 associates from the Philippines and handled all the HR and accounting details in the process. Even PPAI Media has gotten on board – shout out to graphic designer Rowel Cristobal! He built our cool logo to go with The Coolest Stuff in Promo. Must Read | The Coolest Stuff In Promo Coolest Way To Buy Your Brand A New Set Of Clothes Brandivate offers a number of services for promo companies looking to do a complete rehaul of their strategy or online presence. Brandivate’s Brand Refresh option doesn’t go quite that far. It’s more of an update for a company that has a history but needs a fresh look for a new generation of buyers. As Brandivate founder and creative director Bill Petrie puts it to clients, “I’m not saying your baby is ugly; I’m suggesting that your baby has grown up and needs a new set of clothes.” Coolest Way To Get $50,000 As A Small Business FedEx advantages are a premier benefit of PPAI membership, and beyond the discounts afforded to PPAI members, there is also the $50,000 FedEx small business grant each year, along with nine additional grants of $20,000. The only strings attached are the continued benefits FedEx offers to its recipients, including a $500 FedEx print credit and an invitation to the FedEx Small Business Strategic Insights Forum. Thanks to PPAI member business services providers, there’s probably an available solution to any dilemma. EQRoy / Shutterstock.com (shout out to PPAI Media's new graphic designer Rowel Cristobal!) 54 • MAY 2024 • PPAI