PPAI Magazine January 2024

Q A Distributor Asks: Recently, I did mugs for the first time and proofed them to the client with the logo only on one side with the handle on the right, and they were approved. I had the option of doing the logo on both sides, but that didn’t occur to me. Now the client says his CEO realized it’s a lefty mug –meaning the logo only faces out if you hold it with your left hand and is wondering if there is any recourse. I see now that I should’ve put the logo on both sides. How would you handle this, since the proof was approved that way? Do I offer to redo them or offer a discount on a future order? I would explain to the CEO that this is by design. The right-handed person drinking out of the mug will see the message over and over as they’re sipping. It’s all about impressions. It’s all about being top of mind. Also, there are some mug companies that will charge you for a two-sided print. It’s not always included. RICH GRAHAM Chief Imagination Officer BigPromotions.net Dallas, Texas PPAI 256367, D2 If customers approve the proof as is, it’s their fault. I’d suggest they order doublesided next time and maybe offer a small discount on the redo. Otherwise, you’ll have customers expecting you to eat their order every time they can think up a complaint. Make sure your proofs have a disclaimer that says something to the effect that once the proof is approved, you are not liable – similar to the disclaimers the suppliers use. RAY BILLOCK Owner Perfect Promotions Wadsworth, Illinois PPAI 143327, D2 Q A Distributor Asks: Does partnering with companies like HALO, iPROMOTEu, AIA, etc. actually help with costs to run the business? I am not just talking about the financial perks of order financing – that’s not a concern. We are currently at a crossroads where our time is maxed, and we can stay at this pace or make a change and see what happens. Is giving up X percent per order worth it? Depends on what the large partner brings to the table. I’ve been independent and then affiliated with one large national consolidator and moved to another. The differences between them are night and day. I moved from The Flintstones to The Jetsons. Company Two brings tons of things to the table that I can sell, warehousing and fulfillment, automated company store programs that toss orders directly to warehouses and decorators, and 5,000 vendors who have no ASI or SAGE supplier number and produce everything under the sun. So, through Company Two, I can sell tons of things that I couldn’t on my own and can also offshore both manufacturing and business support functions so I can focus on selling. There are tons more benefits, too. It’s worth it to me. CRAIG SAHLI CEO Graphics Network Tulsa, Oklahoma PPAI 670721, D1 I’ve been with [one company] almost two years. I absolutely adore it! It’s just a set fee, no surprises or additional fees. And the benefits I’ve gotten definitely outweigh the fees. AMBER SANDERFORD Owner Miss Printing Ocean Springs, Mississippi PPAI 800275, D1 PPAI • JANUARY 2024 • 35 Solutions | Voices