PPAI Magazine May 2023

| Must Read top times for tutoring is during the summer, which can help students avoid summer learning loss. Research shows that learners can lose up to two months of academic gains in reading and math when they get out of their regular school routine. Summertime academic programs can help students stay on track, and most (75%) are effective in improving at least one outcome. Once kids get back to class in the fall, tutors can help them get a handle on tricky concepts or difficult courses. Stress is higher than ever for students of all ages, with 75% of American high school students and 50% of middle schoolers saying they are often or always stressed by schoolwork. At the college level, 45% of students say they undergo more than average stress, with 13% saying they face tremendous stress. While tutoring won’t solve all their worries, it can certainly give students the confidence and tools to improve their grades. Many tutoring centers, including Sylvan, one of the top tutoring programs for students of all ages, partner with community centers and libraries, making tutoring more accessible. Tutoring centers can use branded products in all kinds of ways, from promoting tutoring services to building awareness in the community, as well as recruiting qualified tutors. Logoed products like pens or magnets can remind students that they can stop in for a quick question or ongoing academic assistance. Tutoring businesses can also use promotional items to stand apart from open-source tutoring. Want to become proficient in promoting a tutoring business? Flip through the next few pages for some insights and product ideas. Erasing Learning Losses Pop quiz: Have today’s students caught up from the historic backslide at the start of the pandemic? If you answered no, you’re correct. Researchers say students aren’t just slightly behind – they’re far, far behind. On average, school-aged children across all grades lost 35% of a year’s worth of learning during the pandemic, and those learning gaps have yet to be recovered. The biggest loss of skills is in math. Most-Studied Tutoring Subjects Students most often seek tutoring in these subject areas, according to the Educational App Store, a platform for educational apps and websites: • Math • English • Calculus • Science • Chemistry • History • Coding • Language Branded products help tutoring centers get the word out about subject-specific programs or offers, like free sessions or discounts on tutoring packages. Using Promos To Encourage Log-Ins According to Brookings, an American research group, on-demand virtual tutoring programs can be incredibly helpful, but students are often slow to log on. One study of 7,000 middle and high school students with free, unlimited access to online tutoring revealed that just 19% logged in and received help from a tutor. Think about using promotional items to inspire kids to log in and reward them for each tutoring session. Time For Tutoring According to a Tutor.com report, most tutoring sessions occur from 4 p.m. to midnight, with Wednesday at 7 p.m. the day and time with the greatest tutoring demand. PPAI • MAY 2023 • 61