PPAI Magazine November 2023

| Must Read Stokkete/ Big Pants Production/ lanastace / Shutterstock.com office visits, with half of these visits made to primary care physicians. Most doctors see between 11 and 20 patients each day, according to Elation Health, but some see an eye-popping 51 to 60 patients in a day. When patients arrive at their doctor’s office, they might be seeing more women providers. Women comprise more than half (54%) of the physician workforce, according to Zippia, with females continuing to outnumber males in medical school enrollment. These physicians often work in private practices, with more than 54% of physicians over age 55 owning their own practice. Companies that sell to healthcare providers, like pharmaceutical, software and medical device companies, can use promo to reach this demographic. Branded items like pens and notepads are perpetually useful in office settings. Doctors who run their own practices can also turn to promo for their employees and patients. Medical personnel can use items like logoed badge reels and lanyards at work, while promos like branded hand sanitizer or magnets can prove useful to patients. Whether doctors want to inspire staff members or educate patients, or pharmaceutical companies want to stay top of mind with physicians, promo is a prescription that works. The Doctor Will See You Now – But Not For Long Doctors today are facing a major dilemma with a desire to provide highquality care but not enough time with patients. One study found that 84% of global physicians say they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to properly treat and support their patients. While they might be limited in their face-to-face interactions, doctors’ offices can still impart useful information through promotional campaigns. For example, medical offices could include a promo magnet or sticker in mailers to remind patients about upcoming appointments or vaccine clinics. Fight Burnout With Gratitude Doctors are no strangers to stress. More than half of physicians (53%) say they are burned out, and 23% say they are depressed, according to a 2023 report from Medscape. Some of the top reasons? Doctors say they have to juggle too many bureaucratic tasks, work too many hours and deal with too many unappreciative people. Showing gratitude is a powerful way to counteract these feelings. Consider giving promo journals and encouraging doctors and other staff members to jot down a few things they’re thankful for every day. Or, give team members promo sticky notes and invite them to write down a few appreciative words for their colleagues. From URL To IRL The telehealth services industry was worth about $29 billion in 2022, growing an average of 35% each year from 2017 to 2022. However, despite the convenience of connecting virtually, most patients now prefer seeing their doctor in person – and physicians feel the same. A Health Affairs survey reveals that 64% of patients prefer to go into their doctor’s office, and 80% of primary care physicians prefer to conduct inperson visits. With more patients coming through the doors, doctors’ offices can welcome them with promo items like custom pill organizers or branded tissue packs that make functional giveaways while keeping a clinic’s name visible. PPAI • NOVEMBER 2023 • 61