PPAI Magazine November 2023

Elizabeth Wimbush | Must Read Originally recruited to the industry by Catherine Graham – now the CEO of commonsku – to be the production manager of Toronto-based distributor Rightsleeve Marketing, Wimbush did not remain a tourist to promo, like Dorothy in Oz. Having examined it as someone coming from the outside with a personal focus on sustainability, after a couple years at Rightsleeve she began to learn the industry’s particularities and look outward, learning, as she put it, “There’s work to be done here.” The “here” referred to is the industry at large, and the “work” is strides in sustainability and responsibility. “How can I apply skillsets and passions and help move the industry forward?” Wimbush consistently asked herself. If that line of questioning made her a strong employee at Rightsleeve and later Genumark, which purchased Rightsleeve during her tenure and would promote her to VP of supply chain and sustainability, it made her a great candidate for PPAI and its mission to be the voice and force to advance the promotional marketplace for the benefit of our community. Fortunately, the Association had created a position that fit Wimbush’s skillsets and passions perfectly, and the potential to make a significant impact is what Wimbush says drew her to the director of sustainability and responsibility position with PPAI. The world changes quickly. Old problems escalate and new problems are discovered, all at paces that can be daunting. Like any other industry, the promo world finds itself at the center of so many of these issues. PPAI • NOVEMBER 2023 • 41