PPAI Magazine September 2023

Solutions | Voices QA Distributor Asks: I need help crafting a polite and professional response. I have a customer who is complaining (via email) about multiple products she received. She reviewed and approved proofs for all these products. One item I urged her to go with a white imprint, but she insisted on a black imprint and now feels the imprint is difficult to read. I am not overly upset; I think she’s just venting. But I am struggling with a kind way to ask her what would make her feel better. I don’t want to knee-jerk offer her a discount or refund. I think if I reply in the right way, I can make her feel better. What would you say? I’d suggest doing pre-pro proofs next time so she can see the exact item with her imprint on it. If the factory does free spec samples, great. If they charge, charge her for them, and credit back a portion or all if they proceed with an order. RAY BILLOCK Owner Perfect Promotions Wadsworth, Illinois PPAI 143327, D2 Maybe something like this: I understand how disappointing it is when something doesn’t come out as anticipated. We always try our best to provide excellent service and make appropriate recommendations. Your feedback is helpful. How would you like to proceed? JODI SCHER-GAST Leader of the Pack Blue Wolf Marketing Hollywood, Florida PPAI 771778, D3 PPAI: 111248 | ASI: 35375 | SAGE: 50327 | UPIC: ACCENTS | DC: 101273 Made & Printed in the USA Quick Turn Arounds Low Minimums www.americanaccents.com | 888.287.7883 Scan for pricing! •Soft, durable texture adds gripping power •Custom shapes available •170+ stock shapes to choose from •Digitally die cut; no extra fee •Multiple color & size options •Digitally printed with 4-Color process GRIP-IT™ JAR OPENERS 50 piece minimums! PPAI • SEPTEMBER 2023 • 33