PPAI Magazine September 2023

Essentials | Good Taste Marina Tachinska / Shutterstock.com How Sweet It Is! Sweeten your promo this holiday season with custom cookies and other treats. By Rachel Zoch ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO, Cookie Monster adopted the slogan “Cookies are a sometimes food” as part of a story arc about making healthier choices. But if cookies are reserved for special occasions, the holidays are definitely one of those sometimes. In anticipation of the holiday giving season, PPAI Media talked to Stephanie Rach, owner of California-based distributor and baker SuperLove Cookies & Gifts, and Mitch Silver, vice president of sales and marketing for Chicago-based distributor Printable – and self-proclaimed “voracious cookie eater” – about why cookies make great promo. 24 • SEPTEMBER 2023 • PPAI