PPAI Magazine May 2023

are a community. We love to see each other, get together and be wowed.’” Corley also took the stage in Las Vegas to host the premiere of The PPAI Expo’s newest experience, “The Pitch,” a promo version of The Voice in which seven supplier contestants tried to win over a respected panel of veteran distributor judges. Illinois-based supplier S&S Activewear won with its Hero Hoodie, an easily reversible hoodie and backpack. She says, “It was insanely fun. It was intriguing to learn why people created what they brought to the stage. Sometimes, you see something and you’re like, ‘Cool, but why?’ To hear the why or how they got there and how long it took, it is a great story.” From “The Pitch” to Promopalooza, the industry’s biggest party at Allegiant Stadium, Corley kept the party going, even leading the way on the dance floor. “I became the party starter,” she says. “Exciting that energy is what and who I am. The No. 1 thing I heard – and I thank everyone – was about my energy. I love to infuse whatever I am doing with positive, infectious energy, because that is truly me.” Who Is Anji Corley? Corley has what she calls a “slash career.” She’s an award-winning host, radio and TV personality, global brand ambassador and a travel and fashion expert. She was the co-host of national ABC series Vacation Creation, traveling around the world to give deserving people vacations of a lifetime. She also hosted Oh Baby! with Anji Corley on ABC, talking about baby animals in an educational format for families. “Every single day of my life is unique and different,” she says. “I’ll have a shoot, then maybe it’s voiceover, then commercial work, then it’s another event, and then I’m getting ready for PPW again. It’s so unique and special, but it keeps me going. Every day, I am excited for what’s in store. Even if I have Anji’s Favorite Promo Products A leatherbound notebook “I received this from a company that I did work with. For them to know how special it was to record those experiences and adventures was really nice.” An etched glass “I once went to a grand opening of a virtual production studio. When you went to the open bar, not only do you get a fabulous cocktail, but the glass is also etched with the logo. But inside the glass, the ice cube even had the company’s logo on it. I was like, ‘How?’ I was blown away. Something so simple made such an impact.” A waterproof speaker “I got this speaker in Las Vegas. It was my first PPAI Expo, and it was also a milestone for the organization, so that was special. Although I come from radio and broadcast, I don’t have a waterproof speaker. It was just what I needed.” Must Read | Anji Corley 56 • MAY 2023 • PPAI