PPAI Magazine May 2023

As PPAI continues to grow the Promotional Products Work initiative, the growth of the virtual shows is a key measure of progress, and the video content hosted by Corley and Denham drew rave reviews. Corley’s connection to PPAI has expanded from virtual events to the real world. The PPAI Expo 2023 marked the event’s 20th anniversary in Las Vegas. Walking around the show floor, Corley was awestruck. “Seeing the lines, you’re wondering, ‘What are they doing over there?’ It’s like being a looky-loo during an open house or rubbernecking during an accident. It’s like, ‘I want one,’ of whatever it is. We all want to feel special and a part of something and receive something unique, useful or reflective of that moment or space you’re in. It’s so deep, but it’s not complicated.” At The PPAI Expo, she played host to industry insiders in the Expo Live booth, interviewing promo veterans and previewing the hottest products. But what really stood out was the industry community. Corley says, “I was floored. Everyone got along. They played nice in the pool together. It’s unbelievable how many people put time and effort into creating these products, giveaways or incentivizing your staff.” The promo industry is “not fluff,” she adds, or simply a matter of opening a catalog and ordering 500 pens. “The community of everyone at PPAI – distributors, suppliers, guests, attendees – it is a network,” says Corley. “Every single person that I interviewed at Expo Live said the same thing: ‘We Anji Corley | Must Read Left: Corley and Denham explored possibilities for drinkware and other useful promo products during the spring PPW Expo. Below: The video content hosted by Corley and Denham drew rave reviews from those who attended the spring show. PPAI • MAY 2023 • 55