PPAI Magazine May 2023

Content Marketing Program Gold Hasseman Marketing & Communications Coshocton, Ohio Objective: The Thirsty Thursday program was launched to promote Hasseman Marketing and its branded drinkware solutions to clients, prospects and social media followers with fun videos highlighting the creativity and personality of the team. Strategy & Execution: The concept behind the Thirsty Thursday series is to showcase branded drinkware in an entertaining and relatable way. The short videos showcase the personalities behind the Hasseman Marketing brand and culture as team members try to guess what flavors and beverages they are sipping from the featured drinkware. A new Thirsty Thursday is posted every other week or and distributed through social media and email newsletters. Video production is done in house, supplier partners donate product samples to be featured in the videos, and drink expenses are minimal. Results: The Thirsty Thursday series reached over 30,000 people in the first year, with over 19,000 engaged views – and more than $30,000 in net drinkware sales, making the program a low-cost but high-impact effort. Gold HPG Braintree, Massachusetts Objective: In 2021, as many people were still working from home and unable to attend in-person meetings and tradeshows, HPG created a Promo For The Holidays virtual trade show to reach distributors and their enduser customer guests – as well as individual, personalized sessions for its top 30 distributor partners – a total audience of over 5,000 individuals. Strategy & Execution: HPG invited viewers to its online holiday showcase via mass email, as well as personalized invitations and social media posts. The company selected the streaming platform Be.Live to enable multiple presenters onscreen and broadcast live to the HPG YouTube channel for easy viewing. One show controller behind the scenes managed on-screen graphics, text and presenters, and another responded live to chat questions. Show hosts wore holiday attire to set the mood, and the 45-minute presentation featured more than 50 new and best-selling holiday products, as well as live-on-air giveaways based on holiday trivia questions. After the show, HPG sent a link to the downloadable deck of items from the showcase and a link to the show recording. Results: The program reached over 500 distributors and resulted in 18 VIP show bookings for their enduser customers. Overall, it achieved more than 14,000 impressions at cost of about 10 cents each. PPAI Pyramid Awards | Must Read PPAI • MAY 2023 • 47