PPAI Magazine May 2023

PPAI Pyramid Awards | Must Read Silver Proforma Expansion Marketing Atlanta, Georgia Objective: Atlanta-based Proforma Expansion Marketing targeted 50 human resource directors at large manufacturing and software companies to encourage them to refresh their employee initiatives with creative solutions. Strategy & Execution: Prospects were identified and contacted through LinkedIn to gauge interest and begin a drip campaign with information on the power of promotional products and a video explaining how Proforma Expansion Marketing could help them. Those who provided a mailing address received a rocket-themed Re-Launch Kit containing useful items for engaging with future, new and existing employees and QR codes for more details. The custom box included an audio card, water bottle, phone holder, journal and pen. The outside of the box featured a countdown from 10 to 4, and when the box was opened, the audio card played the 3-2-1 countdown from a NASA recording followed by the thunder of a rocket launch to finish. Results: The company sent 49 kits, yielding 19 meetings and nine project quotes, with six new sales and four repeat orders totaling over $89,000. Silver HPG Braintree, Massachusetts Objective: HPG launched a pair of self-promotion campaigns to drive awareness and sales of the Batch & Bodega brand and to help distributors connect with their customers. Strategy & Execution: The Batch & Bodega team chose two of its snack kits to represent the brand experience in two email giveaway campaigns, with a free personalized sample kit to be sent to themselves or a client on their behalf as the prize. The “Did Someone Say Cookies” email was sent to 96,000 subscribers, and the first 1,000 to claim the offer – all within three hours – received a Cookies & Crumbs kit. Traffic to the Batch & Bodega website spiked over 2,000%, and requests for virtual kits increased by over 350%. Next, the “Blaze A Trail” email was sent to 106,000 subscribers. The first 1,900 to claim the offer received a Trailblazer kit, all claimed within 10 minutes. Traffic to the spiked 1,900%, and requests for virtual kits increased by over 412%. Results: Following each campaign, traffic to the Batch & Bodega site increased significantly, as did requests for virtual kits and other distributor inquiries. More than 106,000 users engaged with the campaigns, 2,900 distributors or end users received complimentary kits, $248,000 of direct business was generated from the campaigns, and overall sales increased by 20%. PPAI • MAY 2023 • 43