PPAI Magazine May 2023

Must Read | PPAI Pyramid Awards Digital Self-Promotion Campaign Gold Raining Rose Promos Cedar Rapids, Iowa Objective: The goal of this product launch program was twofold: to generate anticipation about the DIY Lip Balm Kit and to create sales traction. Strategy & Execution: Raining Rose Promos developed a multi-channel campaign to build anticipation for the company’s new DIY Lip Balm Kit. A drip communication campaign stirred interest without divulging details, and the company invited top customers attending The PPAI Expo to participate in a hands-on unveiling event where they would be the first to see the product and invited to provide testimonials. Attendees got to see and use the product for the first time, as well as spread the word among fellow attendees. Raining Rose sent a follow-up email officially announcing the DIY Lip Balm Kit shortly after the show. Results: This campaign drew the most web traffic and drove the most sales-interest related performance of new product releases for Raining Rose, with a higher-thanaverage number of product samples requested and an estimated campaign ROI of over 950% in the first month after the product launched. Silver Spector & Co. Champlain, New York Objective: Spector’s Non Bummer Summer Show Stunner program was designed to generate awareness of Spector & Co.’s outdoor and summer products while increasing visibility of its recently launched custom book solution, Scribl, and demonstrate the importance of mix-and-match kitting. Strategy & Execution: Spector & Co. chose to focus on creative storytelling rather than pushing product features to promote awareness products for a variety of summer activities. Four individual media kits were created with festive summer themes – Road Trip, Company Recipe Book, Tourist in Your Own City and Wellness Program – including banners, flyers, lifestyle images, videos and case studies. Each featured a themed Scribl book to highlight the customizable and interactive features of that product and demonstrate potential promo applications. For example, the Tourist in Your Own City Scribl book highlighted local landmarks and restaurants, as well as including company-specific promo codes. Results: This campaign garnered many positive results, from almost doubling weekly unique users on scriblbooks. com and increasing social media followers to boosting engagement across all platforms and achieving a 29% average open rate on email broadcasts. 42 • MAY 2023 • PPAI