PPB September 2022

More recently,McLean’s leadershipwas amajor factor in PPAI’s navigationof theCOVID-19pandemic and its effect on industry andAssociation, helping guide anorganizational restructuring, developing the virtual Direct-2-Youplatformto take theplace of ThePPAI Expo in2021, and leadingPPAI as interim president following thedeparture of Paul Bellantone in2021. “I couldnot havebeenprouder of theway our staff stepped upand supported theAssociationand industry during that challenging time.” BobMcLean Steps Down After 14 Years At PPAI After 14 illustrious years, PPAI ExecutiveVice President BobMcLean, CPA, CAE, CEM, has steppeddown fromhis role at theAssociationand is embarking onanewchapter as a consultant. He will continueworkingwithPPAI in that capacity through2022while also collaboratingwith clients inawide range of businessmanagement areas. “Fourteenyears ago, I didn’t evenknow there was apromotional products industry,”McLean says. “Today, I have grown to love and respect the industry and thehardworking and creative professionals in it.” Lookingback at almost adecade anda half in thepromo industry, several significant accomplishments dotMcLean’s tenurewith the Association. PPAI’s “Power of Two” agreement withSAGE—an industry serviceprovider of information,marketing, andbusiness management solutions andPPAI technology partner—stands among themost visible, long lasting and successful. “As theprimary contact betweenSAGEand PPAI, I amproud to say that our relationshipwith SAGE continues to remain strong,”McLean says. “ThePower of Two agreement withSAGEallowed us tomore thandouble ourmembershipand increase revenue significantly.More importantly, it has givenPPAI a stronger foundationonwhich to build its other initiatives. For example, our voice in Congress is louder by virtue of representingmany moremembers, andour outreach tobuyers is broader, allowing our Promotional ProductsWork campaign tobemore effective.” McLeanalsoplayedan instrumental role in shaping the structure of PPAI. He established the Association’s business development department whenhe became executive vicepresident.McLean says, “Prior to thatmove, our sales effortswere very disjointed. Consolidating all thosepoints of contact allowedus toprovide amore consultative sales approachwithourmembers, improving their access to themarket andalso improving our bottomline.” Bob McLean | SEPTEMBER 2022 | 91 CONNECT