PPB July 2022

TOP MIDSIZE COMPANIES FEATURE | Greatest Companies To Work For Peerless Umbrella Co. PPAI 112666, S10 Category: Supplier Top executive(s): Dan Edge, president Headquarters: Newark, New Jersey Founded: 1927 Employees: 37 Website: peerlessumbrella.com Benefits/unique perks: Weekly happy hours, monthly barbecues and office parties/lunches, themed office days, flexible scheduling when volume allows What employees say: “Working at Peerless Umbrella Co. has given me the opportunity to grow professionally. My direct manager is a great leader who not only makes sure everything is going in the correct way, but also cares on a personal level for each of us, which makes my work experience smoother and satisfactory.” Picnic Time Family of Brands PPAI 143980, S6 Category: Supplier Top executive(s): Paul Cosaro, managing partner and “captain picnic” Headquarters: Moorpark, California Founded: 1982 Employees: 64 Website: picnicpromotions.com Benefits/unique perks: a make-up time program where employees can take time off and make it up later in the week; SPAM, an employeemanaged group that organizes events; tuition reimbursement, remote and hybrid scheduling, on-site carwash What employees say: “Our leadership team is always open to new ideas of how to approach age-old questions. My input feels valued and every scenario is a learning opportunity. Yes, there are busy days and hectic situations, but I’d be hard-pressed to find a time when I didn’t have the full support of my team.” PromoCentric, Inc. PPAI 332985, D3 Category: Distributor Top executive(s): Justin Gray, president and owner Headquarters: Newmarket, New Hampshire Founded: 2000 Employees: 53 Website: promocentric.com Benefits/unique perks: PromoCentric pays 50% of medical insurance, catered lunch once a week, onsite gym, one telecommute day per week for qualified employees; entrepreneurial operating system What employees say: “I work with an incredible group of people and we’re growing like crazy. I have unlimited earning potential and I’m getting the resources and team around me that’s allowing me to grow rapidly. This is an exciting place to be right now.” Peerless Umbrella Co. Picnic Time Family of Brands PromoCentric, Inc. 28 | JULY 2022 |