PPB June 2022

Yay for getting that business! I’m always a fan of sending the buyer a nice spec or personalized sample of a great product or, “Thought of [company name] when I saw this product,” or, “What do you think of [this item] for [next big event]?” Also, remember they came to you because of the lack of good service from another company. Focus on your service quality with them and even if it takes them longer to hand over all business, it will likely be worth the wait, proving to them how awesome you are over time. Quality over quantity! TARA AUSTIN BURNS Owner and president Branded Kingsport, Tennessee We’ve been in a similar position several times. What typically works is, after an order is delivered—one currently in production or the next one placed— follow up to make sure everything was received, was correct and they are happy with the quality and service. Assuming they say “yes,” then ask, “What will it take for us to earn the rest of your business?” Just be prepared to answer how you are able to scale (ideation, funding and service-wise) to meet their needs. I would assume that would be their only hesitation, or they would have shifted everything to you already. Again, this has worked for us! THOMAS B. RECTOR, MPA CEO and founder ScreenBroidery Indianapolis, Indiana Do You Have An Answer? A Supplier Asks: Distributors, would you prefer to send a purchase order directly to a supplier or sign into a supplier’s website and order directly from their site, or have the option to do both? What are your thoughts on using an electronic PO on the site? A Distributor Asks: Between supplychain disruptions, fickle customers and other day-to-day issues, how many of you have a quality control component to your purchase orders? This week alone, I sent and received about 30 emails regarding PO changes for a specific customer’s order. Email your response(s) to Question@ppai.org for the chance to be featured in a future issue of PPB magazine. PPAI: 111248 | ASI: 35375 | SAGE: 50327 | UPIC: ACCENTS | DC:101273 www.americanaccents.com 888.287.7883 PERFECT FOR... ѭInterior print optional ѭ 8FRUQJ PNYX ѭ 5WTIZHY UFHPFLNSL ѭ 8ZGXHWNUYNTS GT]JX ѭ <JQHTRJ PNYX ѭ FSI RTWJ We have over 60 sizes to choose from! ѭFull color digital imprint ѭNo die cut fees ѭQuick turnarounds ѭEasy to assemble ѭSelf locking Need Mailing Boxes? ѭMade & printed in the USA ѭPacking tissue paper available 5 Piece minimums | JUNE 2022 | 13 INNOVATE