PPB June 2022

EgudinKa / Shutterstock.com compiled by Danielle Renda Earning More Of A Client’s Business QA Distributor Asks: I recently started doing business with a large company. This company was unhappy with their prior distributor partner, which prompted them to find me. However, even though I am now doing some work for them and we have built a good relationship so far, they continue to do business with the other distributor. How do I ask them if we can be the ones to provide these products for them, too? Whenever an end user invites me to take over an account, I always ask why they were unhappy with the previous distributor. I literally ask this question: “What did your previous distributor do or not do that caused you to consider working with me?” This question sparks a conversation with the prospect, and we learn about each other’s businesses and discover if we’re a good fit. My experience is that buyers fire their distributor for three reasons: price, poor service and miscommunication. If a customer is shopping for a new distributor for better pricing, I don’t take them too seriously. If the customer is shopping for a new distributor for the other two reasons, I see this as an excellent opportunity and I pursue the relationship. If we wind up being a good fit, sometimes the relationship starts slowly and then builds over time. I realize I’m the new guy, and the customer has to witness firsthand that I can be trusted with their brand and their money. I never push the relationship because that’s my selling style, so I focus on providing value and differentiating myself from the previous incumbent distributor. As time goes by and the customer becomes more and more comfortable with me, I’m in a better position to ask for more work. I hope this helps. AVERY MANKO President The Manko Company Mendenhall, Pennsylvania PPAI 221758, D4 It’s all about creating valuable partnerships that aremore than just best pricing. The fact that you are fair, reliable and show you understand their needs is what is important. If you are not getting the respect and position you deserve, then ask yourself if the amount of time you put into this relationship is worth it, or if your time is better spent on other accounts. BRUCE FELBER, MAS Senior Account Executive The Image Group Holland, Ohio PPAI 103424, D11 About five years ago, we started to set up our larger accounts on loyalty rebate programs. These rebates can be used as credits toward future orders. This program has been a huge win for our clients and for us. Maybe something like this wouldwork for you. RICK HAWK Senior Account Manager BSN Sports Farmers Branch, Texas PPAI 793293, D1 12 | JUNE 2022 | INNOVATE