PPB January 2020

ASI 52840 • PPAI 110747 • UPIC EVANS • SAGE 50018 www.evans-mfg.com Glide Write™ Ink – Our Ink is a specially formulated combination of gel and ball point ink. Pens with our Glide-Write™ ink offer a uniquely smooth writing experience, coupled with the longer-lasting properties of a standard ball point ink. Our goal is to provide a superior writing experience so that every time the pen is used, it leaves a positive impression. Ask us for a free sample – once you try it, you’ll agree. Feel The Difference 7310 MONTEBELLO MGC PEN 7337 VILLA PARK MGC STYLUS PEN 7315 LAKEWOOD SGC PEN 7335 VILLA PARK SGC PEN Try some of our new pens with Glide-Write™ ink