PPB March 2018

Make it Happen. Make it Evans! We are proud to offer a broad array of high value promotional products delivered with consistency and reliability that become the gifts that leave a lasting positive impression. ASI 52840 • PPAI 110747 • UPIC EVANS • SAGE 50018 SEND YOUR BRAND TO NEW PEAKS WITH THESE SHARP NEW COLORS NOW AVAILABLE IN MATTE METALLIC TEAL AND MATTE METALLIC BERRY 4750 20 OZ. EVEREST STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED TUMBLER Keep on trend with a Hot New Color in Evans’ Bags! EVANS’ BAGS NOW AVAILABLE IN TEAL 8000, 8007, 8010, 8020, 8300, 8315, 8317, 8350, 8353, 8355 FEEL the difference with Velvet -Touch Now available on these items 7135 Pomona Velvet-Touch VGC Pen 7487 Del Rey Velvet-Touch VGC Pen 7430 Solana Velvet-Touch VGC Stylus Pen 7330 La Mirada Velvet-Touch VGC Stylus Pen 4752 20 oz. Everest Velvet-Touch Tumbler Features a soft outer finish that feels great in your hand!