Justin Case FEATURED PRODUCTS 97-017 | Roadside Rescue Kit 97-004 | Auto Safety Kit 60-831 | Chamois Cloth Justin Case is the industry leader in Safety kits, such as Automotive, First-Aid, and PPE. We are unmatched in the variety and robustness that our standard and customizable kits offer. In North America we have the largest stock of bag and kit components which will help ensure that your client will get the most dynamic kit tailored to their specific needs or budget. Remember there is no gift more useful and appreciated than a product that makes people feel safe! 877-761-8998 60060 | Safety Vest 60-912J | Detailing Kit AS6655 | Roadside Emergency Kit 97-007 | Auto Adventure Kit XP-515 | Snowbrush / Shovel Combo info@justincasepromo.com AS0605 | Premium Travel Kit XP-733 | Multifunction Power Bank M306900 | Essential Services Safety Kit 21-406 | Heavy Duty Shovel 21-405 97-393A | Covid Ready Roadside Kit AS0140 | 10 Gauge Booster Cable Kit www.justincasepromo.com 97-106 | Roadside Emergency Kit 97-445J | Comfort First Aid Kit AS0455 | Auto Safety Pack AS0405 | Auto Safety Kit LED Headlamps 50-160 | PowerStation w/ Air Compressor 21-926 | AS6655 W a t c h O u r V I D E O