PPAI Magazine May 2024

USE CASE From Event Décor To Attendee Swag Promo services firm commonsku recently collaborated with Numo for its annual skucon conference in January. Each guest sat at a table covered with tablecloths provided by Visual Textile Resource, and after the event, Numo repurposed that material into pouches sent to attendees. This collaborative approach to sustainability recognizes how the promo landscape can fit into the circular model. It was also very intentional. • Visual Textile Resource ensured the tablecloth material was possible to repurpose. • The program was implemented in an environment where promo is often found: events. • As a promo industry conference, it was attended by suppliers and distributors who witnessed the program in action. “With Numo’s incredible upcycling program, we wanted to encourage distributors to think about a product’s life cycle through a sustainable outlook,” says Mark Graham, president and chief brand officer at commonsku. The industry companies’ collaboration illustrates that it doesn’t take much to look beyond the circular economy’s challenges to see its possibilities. “This is exactly the kind of life cycle we should be thinking about when we consider promotions for our customers,” Wimbush says, “thinking how we can create smart merch experiences that last and, at the same time, reduce our impact.” Auping is a news editor at PPAI. Circular Economy | Must Read PPAI • MAY 2024 • 69