PPAI Magazine May 2024

4 From PPAI Where We Belong 9 Creative Calendar Essentials 12 Use Case Remember Me 18 Good Taste Grillworthy Gifts 22 In Style Look & Feel Voices 28 Responsibility Carbon Dating 30 Innovation Measuring Innovation Success Must Read 58 Promotional Products Work From Booths To Boardrooms Community 72 Buzzworthy 74 Inside PPAI 78 Book Club 80 PPPC Communiqué 83 New Members 87 Datebook 92 Perfect Promo CONTENTS 05.24 VOLUME 48, ISSUE 04 Rounding Out The Supply Chain A circular economy means no product or material is wasted. Can the promotional products industry make it a reality? 62 Sweet Success Stacy Stahl’s year started strong, winning The Pitch at The PPAI Expo 2024 and attracting new financial backers to her business – but she didn’t come across success like this by accident. 34 The Coolest Stuff In Promo What’s poppin’ right now? Check out the industry’s freshest ideas, events, people, products and solutions. 40 40 62 34 PPAI • MAY 2024 • 3