PPAI Magazine May 2024

Must Read | The Coolest Stuff In Promo Coolest Way To Make Customers Less Frustrated Promo Data eXchange (aka PDX), an open standards formula supported by PPAI, is pushing the entire industry in a more efficient direction. A collaboration with SAGE, PDX is meant to eliminate unnecessary phone calls and emails while connecting distributors, suppliers and business service providers. A single integration using PDX makes inventory available to 45,000 people who use SAGE to find products every day, saving customers time and money. Coolest Time Machine Since The DeLorean In the sea of more than 2,500 booths at The PPAI Expo 2024, Alpi International’s totally tubular display was a vibrant island of Memphis Design and Starter jackets. The Richmond, California-based supplier turned back the clock to the ’80s, paying homage to its roots and appealing to consumers’ fondness for everything retro. It was a fun reminder of the power of nostalgia, especially when done right. 44 • MAY 2024 • PPAI