PPAI Magazine May 2024

There’s a lot to be said for optimization. And trust. And value, efficiency, market expertise, and on and on with all those fancy, businessy terms. Those things can sell. But do you know what really sells? Cool. The Coolest Stuff In Promo | Must Read It’s as true for us now as it was for the Marlboro Man. People buy products and services for a variety of reasons. They go places, join movements and engage with leaders and events for all sorts of purposes. But one thing unites almost all purchasing decisions: the cool factor. Anything can contribute to cool – design, branding, innovation, purpose, creativity and community, to name a few – but we all know it when we see it. It’s impossible to replace, and it gives some companies, trends and individuals the extra edge needed to stand up to stiff competition. This is The Coolest Stuff In Promo. PPAI • MAY 2024 • 41