PPAI Magazine May 2024

The Born Entrepreneur’s Sweet Idea Raised in an environment where entrepreneurship was the norm, Stahl’s path was destined to intersect with innovation and creativity. “Having an entrepreneurial mindset is something I learned in elementary school,” Stahl says, “but both my parents are entrepreneurs, so that’s what I grew up watching. I’ve never seen my parents work for anyone else. I’ve never seen anyone climb a corporate ladder. I’ve only seen people start and grow businesses on their own. So, part of that comes a bit naturally to me.” Stahl’s entrepreneurial journey began early when she launched her first company at 23 – a wedding website where couples shared their engagement stories. Despite its profitability, it didn’t quite hit the sweet spot for Stahl. “Everything we did was intangible,” Stahl says. “It was an online platform – all usergenerated content and social media. I wanted a physical product. I wanted the value to be: I made this, here’s what it is.” Eventually, The Knot, an online wedding planning platform, took notice and acquired the enterprise, paving the way for Stahl to transition to her next business venture. Then inspiration struck her at her local grocery store. Stahl says she’s always on the lookout for good gifts. She appreciates the simplicity of receiving a greeting card as a gift herself but acknowledges that many people want a little bit more. And finding a thoughtful gift can prove challenging, since many inexpensive gifts lack significance. “I’ve always been on the search for a good gift that’s not too big but meaningful, easy to buy, easy to love and not too expensive,” says Stahl. “I didn’t want to spend $85 on flowers, and I didn’t want to buy something that would get thrown away.” The solution to this problem came during a trip to Stahl’s local Whole Foods. “Literally every time [my family] goes to Whole Foods, we get chocolate bars. We’ve never left Whole Foods without a chocolate Stacy Stahl accepts her win at The Pitch at The PPAI Expo 2024. All four judges and the lion's share of audience members came together in giving Sweeter Cards the win. Must Read | Sweet Success 36 • MAY 2024 • PPAI