PPAI Magazine May 2024

833-502-0830 | ipromoteu.com LET’S GROW YOUR BUSINESS YOU LEAD THE WAY On your journey to success, there can be time-consuming tasks that slow you down. That’s why iPROMOTEu tackles the small stuff. We handle the details behind the scenes so you can do more of what you’re great at—connecting with customers and closing deals. And because our Affiliates maintain their name, ownership, and independence, you’re always at the wheel. Your definition of success is what guides us, and your goals are ours too. iPROMOTEu supports distributors with tasks like: ■ Accounting ■ Back-office support ■ Company stores ■ Order financing and processing ■ Sales and marketing ■ Shipping and insurance ■ Technology ■ And more Let’s get growing.