PPAI Magazine April 2024

Community | Inside PPAI What PPAI’s New Membership Structure Means For Your Company FIRST ANNOUNCED at The PPAI Expo 2024, PPAI has rolled out significant improvements to its membership structure to empower Association members with unprecedented choice. No longer will a member’s reported annual sales revenue dictate their membership tier. With a focus on simplicity and aligning benefits and value, the new membership structure will move all member categories – Distributor, Supplier and Business Service – from a complex 16-tier structure into a straightforward five-tier structure with clear benefits and cost. The intent is to ensure fairness across the membership base by elevating benefits and value to match the investment at each tier. New PPAI Membership Structure Within the updated structure, each member category has two membership types to choose from: Standard and Professional. Standard membership tiers – Base and Plus – provide a base level of resources and support and are suitable for industry companies with less than $1 million in annual sales volume. Companies at these tiers are most likely ready to use only a few of the benefits that PPAI provides. Professional membership tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum – are designed to provide a higher level of support to help a company elevate its business and develop its employees. The enhanced level of benefits and engagement opportunities within Kati Moth / Shutterstock.com 74 • APRIL 2024 • PPAI