PPAI Magazine April 2024

Buzzworthy | Community 3. Put A Ring On It With A&W’s ‘O-fish-ial’ Diamond Ring To promote its new fish sandwich, A&W Restaurants launched a Valentine’s Day drawing to win an orange diamond engagement ring. The one-carat stone, fashioned in a lab using carbon extracted from a half-dozen A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwiches, is nestled in a custom setting that features A&W’s ampersand. The ring is the star of “The Cod Collection” of jewelry that also includes earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and cufflinks, all made using elements from the fish sandwich or A&W’s signature root beer float. “A diamond is forever,” Liz Bazner, senior director of marketing for A&W Restaurants said in a statement, “so while A&W’s new Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich might only be available for a limited time, our exclusive ring will serve as a fin-tastic reminder of when you first hooked your sweetheart.” 4. Hellmann’s Mayo Merch Fights Food Waste The Super Bowl is one of the biggest foodwasting occasions of the year, with more than 140,000 pounds of extra food at official events alone. (It’s unknown how much gets thrown out after parties in homes, bars or restaurants.) It also precedes one of the biggest “call in sick” days of the year, with an estimated 16 million people planning to miss work the following Monday. Tying these trends together, Hellmann’s Mayo launched a “Sick of Food Waste Day” campaign as part of the brand’s ongoing “Make Taste, Not Waste” effort to encourage people to make good use of leftovers instead of throwing them out. In addition to its “Mayo Cat” ads during the game this year, Hellmann’s added a sweepstakes with the opportunity to win Mayo Cat Game Day Swag like a “Make Taste, Not Waste” hoodie and velour bucket hat (both with cat ears) and oven mitts with paw prints – all in the brand’s signature blue. MAGE: A&W Restaurants IMAGE: Hellmann’s Mayo PPAI • APRIL 2024 • 71