PPAI Magazine April 2024

A Crystal-Clear Message Is Bud Light Seltzer a beer or a seltzer? Bud Light cleared up any confusion at last year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. The brand distributed about 350 transparent vinyl records featuring Bud Light Backyard Stage artist Charlotte Sands. With this promo giveaway, Bud Light built some buzz around its brand while clarifying that its product is “100% hard seltzer, 0% beer.” Must Read | Image: Bud Light A Festival Focus On Going Green Music festivals are becoming increasingly eco-minded. For example, at Nashville’s Deep Tropics Festival, the nation’s “greenest festival,” organizers planted 23,000 trees to try to offset the carbon the event produced. Other festivals are using revelers’ body heat to power their heating and cooling systems. Promos like eco-friendly wristbands and reusable water bottles align with these green initiatives. Reaching Devoted Fans Music fans are willing to go the distance to attend their favorite festivals. One in 10 fans travels 500 miles or more to attend a show, with the top destinations coming in as New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. More than 1 in 6 fans would travel to a different continent to experience an EDM, reggae or indie rock festival. When these enthusiastic fans arrive, they’re ready to have a good time. Brands can tap into that vibe with promo. Make It Memorable When brands want to create a spectacular experience for fans at fairs and festivals, creativity is the name of the game. According to Eventbrite’s TRNDS 2024 report, 41% of attendees say they would be enticed by different or unusual merchandise to commemorate a special experience. Just like the sea of silver-clad fans at Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour and the feather boas at Harry Styles’ concerts, promos allow brands to get creative and connect with attendees in unforgettable ways. 50 • APRIL 2024 • PPAI