PPAI Magazine April 2024

Must Read | Join The Party With Promo Drum up unforgettable experiences at fairs and festivals with branded merch. By Audrey Sellers FAIRS AND FESTIVALS draw the A-list artists and energetic crowds that brands dream of. When you want to capitalize on that big event energy, it goes a little something like this: Roll out the promo and win over the revelers. A study by AEG and Momentum Worldwide found that 93% of festival attendees appreciate the brands that sponsor the event, and 37% say they perceive the company more positively. Festivalgoers are also interested in spending with these brands, with 80% saying they’re more likely to buy from the brand after the festival. From mega festivals like Coachella in California to niche festivals like the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, fans can’t get enough, with about a third of adults saying they have attended a music festival more than once. When it comes to getting tickets, Americans would do nearly anything, including using their tax refund (44%), taking on a part-time job (27%) and crowdfunding money for tickets (18%). Why are people so hooked on these experiences? It’s simple – they make people feel good. Research from O2, a mass media and Ardea-studio/ Molesko Studio / Shutterstock.com 48 • APRIL 2024 • PPAI