PPAI Magazine April 2024

Forcing staff to use new tools without buy-in can also increase resistance and reduce the benefits achieved. Reduced Price & Below EQP Sale! Industrial Strength 10’ x 10’ Hex Aluminum Frame 40mm Frame, 1.2mm Thick 600 Denier Polyester FREE Wheeled Carry Bag FREE PMS Matches Full Color Imprint FREE SETUP $735 (C) No minimum Valid thru 4/30/24 $1,231 (C) No minimum Valid thru 4/30/24 PPAI/582106 SAGE/50398 TCT11100 - Standard w/Canopy Also available w/half side walls and in 10’x15’ & 10’x20’ sizes. TCT11200 - Standard w/Canopy & Rear Wall Karstens is PPAI’s director of digital transformation. Lack Of Collaboration And Communication Collaborative processes often involve input from various departments and teams. Siloed organizational structures can impede the flow of ideas and hinder communication that promotes the development of inventive solutions. To avoid this pitfall, businesses should foster a culture of collaboration and open communication. Encouraging crossfunctional teams, hosting brainstorming sessions and creating channels for idea sharing can help break down silos and promote a more creative environment. Poor Communication And Training Implementing New Tools And Processes It’s important to take an iterative approach when implementing new solutions. A deliberate and thorough plan helps build buy-in among employees, as well as ensuring that everyone understands why the solution was adopted and how it works. Skipping steps such as understanding how and why tasks are done, creating plans for enhanced changes that meet the needs of the organization and providing overviews of upcoming changes can cause resentment and workplace dissatisfaction. Forcing staff to use new tools without buy-in can also increase resistance and reduce the benefits achieved. Innovation, when approached thoughtfully and strategically, can be a powerful tool for driving growth and staying ahead of the curve. Navigating the path of innovation requires a strategic approach to avoid common pitfalls. Businesses should engage employees to see the benefits of new technologies, foster collaboration and understand the balance between cost and efficiency. By addressing these challenges head-on, your company can position itself for success in a dynamic and competitive promotional products market. PPAI • APRIL 2024 • 33 Innovation | Voices