PPAI Magazine January 2024

PPAI Honors Universities In Partnership With American Marketing Association PPAI PARTNERED WITH the American Marketing Association to present an award at the 2023 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, held November 1215 in Chicago. The award recognized university campaigns that used promotional products to bring together campus communities while increasing brand awareness for the university at large. Higher education holds an important place in promo. The campus environment is full of students and faculty, typically proud of their university and happy to represent it through all varieties of branded merch. “Promo in higher education can mean celebrating a department, program or organization,” says Jessica Gibbons-Rauch, CAS, MBA, professional development manager at PPAI and adjunct professor at Northern Illinois University. “It can make alumni and students feel valued and part of a community.” Sporting events, in the classroom, home for the holidays or during remote learning, students are often happy to receive anything they don’t have to pay for, and better yet if they receive something that projects the institution where they are going to school. For this award, presented at the 2023 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, PPAI asked nominees to submit brief overviews of their campaign, illustrate the merchandise product or products used, and draft a brief description of how the branded merchandise made a significant impact on the university’s campus. The award program also encouraged sustainable and environmentally friendly submissions. PPAI’s Jessica Gibbons-Rauch, CAS, MBA, at the AMA conference, presenting the awards sponsored by the Association. PPAI Wraps Up Data Collection For Sales Volume Estimate PPAI IS PREPARING data to help distributors communicate the value of promotional products to their clients. Since 1965, PPAI has produced the annual Sales Volume Estimate, which enables the Association to promote the industry and helps your business gain more credibility with clients and the public at large. To complete the survey, the Association requested 2023 sales estimates from as many distributorships as possible. A survey to collect data for the estimate was sent to ranking personnel at a comprehensive list of industry distributors in the U.S. and Canada – in French and English – on December 1. This is the first time PPAI has conducted a Canadian Sales Volume Estimate in partnership with Promotional Products Professionals of Canada. On behalf of PPAI, both surveys were conducted by independent research firm Relevant Insights with the option for respondents to request that information about their company remain completely confidential and only seen by Relevant Insights. Responses will not be used to determine PPAI dues. The results of the survey are provided in the aggregate only and will be available in the spring. Inside PPAI | Community PPAI • JANUARY 2024 • 85