PPAI Magazine January 2024

New Africa / Brainstorm331 / Shutterstock.com Better Together Add candy, snacks or other edible items to your next kit project for a multisensory unboxing experience. By Rachel Zoch THE BEST PROMO creates a connection with the recipient, and kits are a great way to provide an experience that sticks with your target audience. The best kits are built on thoughtful selection and combination of items, plus clever packaging and personalized messaging. Promo suppliers have increased their offerings of pre-curated kits in recent years, but distributors who choose to design and assemble their own should start by asking clients the same key questions as any promo project: • What’s your budget? • How many recipients? • Who are they and what do they like? “Those three things in our industry drive every question after, because that immediately is our filter to decide what supplier do we want to partner with on this opportunity and what items do we want to pitch to be inside the box,” says Trevor Hyssong, director of business development at Blink Marketing in Tennessee. Don’t forget about messaging and packaging, he adds. “There always needs to be some type of messaging inside the box to really drive home whatever the point is,” says Hyssong, “… and a huge component of it is the custom packaging, which can be anything from a standard box with minimal decoration to something that’s 100% custom. But that really is that chef’s kiss at the end of it that says this is a sealed and delivered experience.” No matter how they’re packaged, kits should create an experience with the goal of engagement, whether that’s a post on social media, a sale, increased employee satisfaction or all of the above. In particular, brands can leverage the popularity of influencers with a carefully curated gift box, says Carolina Junghans, CAS, managing partner of Blink Marketing, one of Promo’s Greatest Companies To Work For In 2023. “We want it to feel like a gift experience,” she says. “If you allow them the opportunity to have an unboxing experience, you’ve provided some content for the influencers, too.” Here are some kit-worthy brandable items, as well as an example of a ready-made, supplier curated kit that includes both snacks and hard goods. 20 • JANUARY 2024 • PPAI Essentials | Good Taste