PPAI Magazine November 2023

The State of Responsibility 2023 | Must Read TABLE 12. What percentage of your company’s non-factory workforce is non-white? PPAI 100 Suppliers 43% Suppliers $250M+ 53% Suppliers $50M-$250M 40% Suppliers $5M-$50M 38% Suppliers Under $5M 42% Although the overall industry has made great strides, diversifying the nonfactory workforce remains a challenge for suppliers. Of course, it’s a journey worth taking, as bringing a wide array of perspectives into your company can yield great results in terms of CSR, inclusion and profitability. TABLE 13. What percentage of your company’s non-factory workforce is under age 30? PPAI 100 Suppliers 24% Suppliers $250M+ 18% Suppliers $50M-$250M 25% Suppliers $5M-$50M 24% Suppliers Under $5M 27% “I believe PPAI could provide leadership in attracting younger participants to our industry,” Bartlett says. “We need to somehow show how our industry is a great place for young, qualified and educated candidates. This isn’t just an industry that people fall back on, it needs to be an industry that young talent wants to be a part of from the start.” New Suppliers Earning High Marks These firms didn’t make our original rankings, but each matched the average responsibility score of PPAI 100 suppliers. Atlantis Headwear New York City-based Atlantis Headwear is one of the few suppliers to report that every single product sold in 2022 was marketed as sustainable. Black Forest Owatonna, Minnesota-based Black Forest has defined in writing its core commitments to sustainability. Diamondback Branding Austin, based Diamondback Branding has an established give-back program donating a percentage of revenue to a charitable cause. Gill Studios Not only has the Kansas-based company behind Gill-Line defined its sustainability commitments in writing, it has also built them into its employee code of conduct. MediaTree MediaTree in Parsippany, New Jersey, reports that 100% of its packaging is recyclable or reusable and that half of products sold in 2022 were marketed as sustainable. Opti Print & Fulfillment Dallas-based Opti Print & Fulfillment has established an internal sustainability staff to lead advocacy for eco-friendly efforts. Picnic Time Family of Brands Moorpark, California-based Picnic Time Family of Brands has invested in solar power or another form of reusable energy at its facilities. Redwood Classics Apparel Toronto, based Redwood Classics Apparel reports that 100% of products sold in 2022 were marketed as sustainable. Gordon Sinclair Gordon Sinclair in Valley Stream, New York, has completed a sustainability audit. ICEMULE Coolers ICEMULE Coolers in St. Augustine, Florida, reports that 75% of its packaging is considered sustainable and that 50% of its product waste is included in a waste diversion program that includes monitoring and reporting. Los Altos Trophy Cypress, California-based Los Altos Trophy employs staff dedicated to ensuring product responsibility (product safety and compliance such as California Prop 65, Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, etc.). 20 23 Leaders Responsibility PPAI • NOVEMBER 2023 • 51