PPAI Magazine November 2023

Must Read | The State of Responsibility 2023 Supplier Benchmarking TABLE 1. Does your company have an established internal sustainability committee, “green team” or individual head of sustainability to lead advocacy for sustainability efforts? Yes No PPAI 100 Suppliers 78% 23% Suppliers $250M+ 100% 0% Suppliers $50M-$250M 78% 22% Suppliers $5M-$50M 61% 39% Suppliers Under $5M 75% 25% As the industry tries to scrub off its “brandfill” reputation, it’s reassuring that more than half of suppliers of all sizes have designated a position or committee to leading advocacy for sustainability efforts. “It should be no surprise that the larger suppliers have programs in place for sustainability, reusable energy and charitable cause marketing,” says Brad Bartlett, president and owner of Dallas-based Opti Print & Fulfillment. “There’s been a big push the last few years, and these results are duly noted.” TABLE 2. Has your company defined in writing its core commitments to sustainability? Yes No PPAI 100 Suppliers 67% 33% Suppliers $250M+ 90% 10% Suppliers $50M-$250M 65% 35% Suppliers $5M-$50M 65% 35% Suppliers Under $5M 75% 25% Dan Taylor, president and CEO of Virginiabased BamBams – ranked the No. 35 supplier in this year’s PPAI 100 – didn’t find the survey results to be terribly surprising. “The CSR subject is challenging, and defining it is very subjective,” Taylor says. “The pressure to meet and measure a predetermined list of criteria or values imposed on our company by others (that may or may not share the same perspective) was difficult, but certainly made me consider some new objectives for the future.” TABLE 3. Has your company completed a sustainability audit from EcoVadis or a similar organization? Completed Underway Waiting Haven’t solicited yet PPAI 100 Suppliers 48% 3% 10% 40% Suppliers $250M+ 70% 10% 10% 10% Suppliers $50M-$250M 50% 0% 11% 39% Suppliers $5M-$50M 26% 0% 4% 70% Suppliers Under $5M 50% 0% 25% 25% Minnesota-based Ball Pro – ranked the No. 37 supplier in this year’s PPAI 100 – hasn’t undergone a sustainability audit yet, but Adam Hanson, president of the golf product specialist, says he’s looking into it. “We feel at this time it doesn’t make sense to do as a company because it opens you up to other areas,” Hanson says. “But it’s definitely something that will happen more over time.” Brad Bartlett Dan Taylor Adam Hanson 46 • NOVEMBER 2023 • PPAI