PPAI Magazine November 2023

Responsibility | Voices routes, decrease end-of-life waste and help manufacturing facilities shift to renewable power sources. Secondly, waste management can’t be overlooked. Our approach to waste – viewing it as a resource rather than a byproduct to dispose of – can be replicated across this industry and many others. With innovative thinking, companies can discover ways to repurpose waste, bringing them one step closer to a circular economy. Genumark, one of Canada’s leading branded merchandise distributors and No. 38 on the PPAI 100, provides a great example of this idea. They’ve applied considerable effort behind the scenes to reduce their environmental footprint, including using recyclable and biodegradable materials for shipping. They go one step further, though, offering their clients options that take their packaging and materials for shipping to the next step, including more compostable and recycled options. Finally, companies should not shy away from difficult changes. Sustainable transformation is not an easy task – it requires investment, time and resilience. But it’s worth the effort for your bottom line and our shared environment. What This Means For Our Planet The journey to sustainability and achieving the E in ESG is not straightforward, and as I’ve said before, it’s OK not to be perfect. The key is to take that first step, no matter how small, and to consistently strive for improvement. Sustainability is not a destination but a continuous journey of evolving practices, innovation and commitment. Incorporating environmental sustainability into business models goes beyond achieving greener end products. It involves a systematic change, a behind-the-scenes transformation, that can positively impact our shared environment and future generations. So, as you continue your ESG journey, remember that the behindthe-scenes effort counts. It’s the will to strive for continuous improvement, the courage to embrace imperfections and the determination to make a difference. It’s about being environmentally friendly on the surface and instilling sustainability deep within the core of your business operations. Cheng is the president of Redwood Classics Apparel and a leading industry advocate on corporate social responsibility. She earned Ascend Canada’s Woman of Distinction Award for 2022. PPAI: 111248 | ASI: 35375 | SAGE: 50327 | UPIC: ACCENTS | DC: 101273 888.287.7883 www.americanaccents.com Scan for more info! Made & Printed in the USA Quick Turn Arounds Low Minimums • Choice of cardstock or Grip-It™ material • Several colors to choose from • Digitally printed with 4-Color process • 20+ stock shapes available BOOKMARKS 50 piece minimums Great for book fairs and school events! PPAI • NOVEMBER 2023 • 35