PPAI Magazine November 2023

Voices | Innovation StonePicturesr / Shutterstock.com Are You Using Work-From-Home Technology Efficiently? PPAI’s business systems analyst explains how tech tools can enhance communications, but only if used strategically. By Tanaisha Dunbarger IT’S NO BIG REVELATION that the modern work landscape has changed dramatically since 2020. The advent of work-from-home arrangements has transformed the way we work, and technology plays a pivotal role in making this shift possible. As the global workforce continues to embrace remote work, it’s crucial to harness technology efficiently to maintain productivity, communication and work-life balance. That technology is here to stay, and the smartest companies are using it in some capacity to help employees communicate in ways that are both convenient and efficient. Speaking as a business systems analyst, I’ll admit that there are plenty of projects in which my preferred work environment is remote, away from the office. That’s to say nothing of the debate between colleague camaraderie versus cutting down on commute times; both arguments have plenty of value. But I’m referring to efficiency, productivity and mitigating errors. Let me explain. Often my interactions with colleagues, especially when I’m in the “requirements gathering” phase of a project, boils down to a lot of scrolling through systems with them. I’m watching them click through different screens. But it’s not passive watching. I need to be very attentive, as they are also verbalizing their processes. When working in the office, the most natural approach is to stand over or sit near my colleagues as they work through the system. In a 32 • NOVEMBER 2023 • PPAI