PPAI Magazine November 2023

What Goes Around Promo apparel suppliers are offering more recycled fibers than ever, diverting plastic waste from landfills to make soft and stylish garments. By Rachel Zoch OUR INDUSTRY HAS COME A LONG WAY when it comes to providing apparel made with recycled fibers, although there’s definitely still room for improvement. Offering products that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced makes sense, given increasing demand, especially among younger buyers, says Denise Taschereau, and co-founder and CEO of Fairware Promotional Products, a Vancouver, Canada-based distributor specializing in these kinds of products. “As an industry, we want to be getting ready to face the future and be part of what is a more responsible business movement writ large that consumers are asking for, particularly younger buyers,” says Taschereau, a PPAI Board officer, adding that two factors are driving the demand: “There’s kind of a market pull, and then there’s sort of a moral pull of wanting to reduce our impact on the planet.” When it comes to recycled fabric, the trick is finding options that are traceable, since it can be difficult to confirm that the materials that went into it aren’t from virgin plastic, says Elizabeth Wimbush, PPAI’s director of sustainability and responsibility. Did You Know? S&S Activewear, Everywhere Apparel and City Apparel + Merch are just a few of the promo companies that offer garment recycling services to help reduce textile waste. Natali Ximich / Shutterstock.com 22 • NOVEMBER 2023 • PPAI Essentials | In Style