PPAI Magazine September 2023

Special Applications/Processes 2023 Pyramid Awards | Supplier Decorating | Must Read GOLD WINNER Gill Studios PPAI 114157, S7 Shawnee Mission, Kansas Gill Studios created a removable, double-faced vinyl window decal to signify Invisalign sales status. The entire order comprised 55,015 pieces across different categories, including 4,500 with unique diamond copy and a 5,500-piece companion portraying platinum status. The brand name is prominently displayed, and the layered decal background features topographical lines and precisely printed striations visible on the clear aligner product image. Each decal is twosided, with each side displaying the same imprint so that it can easily be read on both the inside and the outside of a clear window, and the Gill-exclusive, ultra-removable adhesive ensures that the decal can be removed easily without residue. Supplier/Distributor Collaboration GOLD WINNER Foxy Originals PPAI 642034, S1 Toronto, Ontario The IceBox PPAI 230172, D10 Atlanta, Georgia The client wanted a “Sonic Mood Ring” designed to look like a real 3D cup used at the fast-food chain, with the top of the ring both resembling the slush inside a cup and changing colors based on the mood of the person wearing it. The idea for the ring, part of the “My Slush, My Mood” campaign, was that the various colors should be matched to a corresponding slush flavor launching at Sonic. The challenge was creating a ring that looked like a cup but kept the top lip low enough that the mood ring stone maintained contact with the wearer’s skin so their body heat would change its color. The IceBox approached Foxy Originals’ custom division for the project. After multiple 3D renderings and slight tweaks, 3D samples were made. Once approved, the sample was cast in metal and decorated with a color-changing stone, enamel fill and an overall white spray enamel on the shank of the ring. An order was placed for 5,000 units, and the project was launched with much success. PPAI • SEPTEMBER 2023 • 79