PPAI Magazine September 2023

SILVER WINNER Alpi International PPAI 111221, S6 Richmond, California The team at Alpi International were able to create a fully functional hedgehog-shaped cookie jar that satisfied the customer’s need for a jar that could survive transportation and look absolutely adorable. Each item is painted by hand via spray mask and direct painting on the product. Little details like Herbie’s mouth are done by hand by the factory’s top workers to ensure uniformity. The whole scope of the process started with a ceramic cookie jar that arrived cracked. Alpi International pushed the factory’s limits with this project but never compromised on quality standards along the way. Must Read | 2023 Pyramid Awards | Supplier Decorating SILVER WINNER Terry Town PPAI 230911, S10 San Diego, California Coming in at 37,000 stitches, Terry Town’s highly skilled and seasoned embroidery team was able to help capture the spirit of Mexico with a spectacular range of colors and ornate patterns on this custom beach towel. With 49 total thread sequences, the amount of thread used helps to create a field of view that gives depth and dimension to the artwork. The tonal contrast on the leaves and the feathers on the peacock highlight how embroidery can bring to life colorful works of art and proves that embroidery is still a desired art technique for bold, big and colorful artwork. Using Barudan embroidery machines, Terry Town’s high-definition embroidery capabilities provided an extremely beautiful towel and an amazing piece of branded merchandise. GOLD WINNER Vantage Apparel PPAI 113235, S10 Avenel, New Jersey Lunkenheimer Craft Brewery prides itself on being the best “doggone” brew in town. When it came time to create branded apparel, Vantage Apparel collaborated with their distributor and the client to match their craftmanship with a detailed, dimensional embroidery design featuring a lifelike rendition of the owners’ dog, Trooper. The digitizer manually added a color-on-color motif fill on top of the red appliqué to give it a distressed appearance on par with the brewery’s branding. Trooper’s realistic appearance comes from the use of liquid and Florentine effects added with fill stitches in the same color of the base applique. This captured the personality of the logo by adding dimension while keeping the stitch count down. Embroidery 72 • SEPTEMBER 2023 • PPAI