PPAI Magazine September 2023

2023 Pyramid Awards | Supplier Decorating | Must Read Cast/Molding GOLD WINNER Indiana Metal Craft PPAI 112175, S5 Bloomington, Indiana To commemorate the renovated Union Station in Denver, a major retail tenant of the building commissioned the first in a series of collectible ornaments depicting the historic landmark. Fine pewter was the chosen metal, and the artisans of Indiana Metal Craft captured the perspective and depth of the building with clean, detailed lines and architectural elements and embellishments. Each piece was then put through a process of oxidizing, individual hand buffing and lacquering to fully accentuate the dramatic relief and detail. A silver cord was added, and the ornaments were packed into red envelopes for retail sale by the buyer. SILVER WINNER Visions PPAI 110751, S8 Celina, Ohio It was Visions’ third consecutive year working with distributor The Promo Girl for National Auto Care’s award program, which required designing within a particular theme. The award, presented to the agency of the year, was a compelling cast resin pharaoh bust. The hand-carved mold was hand-painted with radiating colors to match the brand and theme of the National Auto Care event. The pharaoh was then fastened to a rectangular black wood base that measured nearly 13 inches wide, with the company’s logo showcased in full color on a black aluminum plate. PPAI • SEPTEMBER 2023 • 69