PPAI Magazine September 2023

Gifting Survey | Must Read Instead of worrying about going over budget for these tokens of appreciation, clients should focus on tailoring holiday gifts to their recipients’ interests. After all, more than three quarters (77%) of consumers say it’s important that holiday gifts reflect their individual preferences. If clients want these presents to make their recipients truly feel special, then perhaps they should engrave or stitch the person’s name onto the gift. As many as 39% of consumers prefer personalized gifts (see Fig. 4), and more than half (51%) “highly appreciate” a personalized message with their gift. “I haven’t done a lot of personalized items over the years because it’s an extra cost for clients,” Hawk says. “Instead of personalizing a gift, my clients typically include a personalized thank-you card. Regardless, the key is to show appreciation.” And it’s not just the gift itself that matters – 65% of consumers say packaging and presentation is important. “Custom packaging helps denote quality and gives space for a longer message of appreciation,” Hanchette says. “Customization means planning and ordering early, which is the toughest challenge for some clients. More time equals more creative product and packaging options. Once a client gets that, things really move in the right direction, and they never look back.” Personalized gifts 39.2% No preference 30.7% Blank gifts 16.3% Depends on the gift type 13.8% Fig. 4: Do You Prefer Personalized Or Blank Holiday Gifts? 39.2% 30.7% 16.3% 13.8% Fig. 5: Consumers Who Receive A Thoughtful Holiday Gift Are More Likely To… Do more business Recommend the company Leave a positive review Follow on social media Subscribe to e-newsletters Visit the website None of the above 50.3% 50.1% 41.6% 27.4% 17.7% 20.1% 13.5% The Gift That Keeps On Giving Don’t let clients fall into the trap of purchasing generic holiday gifts simply because it’s tradition. Whichever items they choose can impact their business – for better or worse. Most consumers (85%) say the thoughtfulness of a holiday gift influences their perception of a brand, and 70.7% say the gift’s perceived value or uniqueness increases their brand loyalty. When receiving a thoughtful holiday gift from a company they’ve done business with, half of consumers are not only more likely to continue doing business with that company, but also recommend the company to others (see Fig. 5). Meanwhile, 41.6% say they’ll leave a positive review, 27.4% will follow the company on social media, 20% will visit the company’s website, and 17.7% will go so far as to subscribe to its e-newsletter. With emotions running high during the holiday season, clients have a golden opportunity to leave a positive, lasting impression on their employees, customers and peers. By choosing a thoughtful, personalized gift that the recipient will love, they’ll become intertwined in cherished memories like tinsel on a Christmas tree. “It’s important that you give someone something that they consider quality,” Hawk says. “Who wants to get a tumbler that has a plastic liner and plastic lid? I always try to give the client the best quality item for their budget.” Corrigan is a news editor at PPAI 32.3% prefer practical gifts rather than sentimental gifts during the holidays. PPAI • SEPTEMBER 2023 • 61