PPAI Magazine September 2023

point: 84% of consumers say they use promo products when they represent brands or causes they know and like. Meanwhile, 70% of consumers tend to equate the quality of the promo product they’ve received with the reputation of the company that gave it to them, jumping 30% from 2021. “A business’ brand is represented 24/7 and in mediums and methods often outside of their direct control,” Davis says. “A business isn’t only known for the work it produces, but also its reputation, employee influence and initiatives it supports. It’s a natural human instinct to associate quality branded gifting with an increased perception of reputation. People like receiving nice things and often view this as how the giver feels about them.” Consumer Survey | Must Read While 70% of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if they’ve received a promotional product they really like from a company they haven’t done business with before, one 20-plusyear industry veteran argues that companies can’t rely on promo products alone to win over customers. “I’ve never believed that a promotional product will be the driving force for most people to do business with a company,” says Rama Beerfas, MAS, owner of Santee, California-based distributor Lev Promotions. “It’s about a holistic marketing program where the promotional product enforces a mental or emotional connection to the brand by serving as a concrete reminder of a conversation or experience.” Corrigan is a news editor at PPAI Rama Beerfas, MAS Fig. 4: Consumers Would Rather Receive A Promotional Product Than… 78.7% 76% 75.5% 75% 73.6% 73.5% 73.4% 71% 69% Receive a telemarketing or sales call Receive promotional mail (e.g. flyers, letters, etc.) Watch an ad before or during a video Receive promotional emails Watch a 30-second TV commercial See a banner ad or pop-up while browsing the web Listen to a 30-second radio commercial See sponsored posts or advertising in my social media newsfeed See ads while reading a magazine 25% of consumers have kept a promotional product for longer than five years. 86% of consumers say promotional products make an experience more enjoyable. PPAI • SEPTEMBER 2023 • 57