PPAI Magazine September 2023

“After a robust year of organic growth for the industry in 2022,” Stella says, “the data points to a continued upward trend of consumers who appreciate high-quality promotional products.” Even more encouraging, she adds, is the connection between consumers’ positive experiences with promo products and the high perceived value and quality that they associate with the corporate brand providing them. “Advertising goals are being achieved via companies’ promotional products campaigns,” Stella says. “Consumers want to engage more deeply with the company providing the product and are even willing to shift their spend to that company because they received the promotional item.” Must Read | Consumer Survey 52.3% 37.4% 32.1% 28.3% 27.7% 25.7% 24.6% 22.9% 21.6% 20.7% 7.6% Free as a patron of an establishment Received at social events or gatherings Given by my employer or organizations I belong to Received with purchase In the mail Free as a supporter of a cause Recognition Regifted, inherited, borrowed, found, etc. Trade shows, conferences or business events Participation in events Other Fig. 1: How Consumers Acquire Promotional Products Changes Since COVID-19 It’s not surprising that in 2021 – with government-mandated COVID-19 restrictions still preventing in-person gatherings in many places across the country – consumers said the primary way (36%) that they had received promotional products was through the mail. Now that most businesses have resumed normal operations, that percentage has decreased nearly 10%, according to the survey. Conversely, traditional methods for receiving promo items have regained momentum. For example, more than half (52.3%) of consumers have scooped up branded products that were free to use or take home as a patron of an establishment (see Fig. 1) – a massive increase from the mere 16% who said they 62% of consumers would rather use a product given to them from their favorite brand than use a product they purchased. 54 • SEPTEMBER 2023 • PPAI