PPAI Magazine September 2023

Maria_Petrishina / Shutterstock.com Training A New User? Follow These 4 Steps For Success Voices | Innovation Make sure your people have all the training and tools they need to see the value of new technology from the start. By Tanaisha Dunbarger HAVE YOU EVER HELPED a teenager learn how to drive a car? If you have, say no more. I feel your pain. It takes a lot more than just explaining to them how the car works. You would never just give them instructions and then hand over the keys. That’s true for several reasons: Driving a car is complicated, the stakes are high, and they are certain that they know everything. In some ways, the same can be said for implementing new technology across an entire company of employees who aren’t familiar with it. I started my career in human resources. I had little interest in the innerworkings of technology. As a result, I distinctly remember what it’s like to have folks use a plethora of technical jargon to teach me something they claim will make my life easier, only to find the opposite to be true. At times, technical teams roll out software from a new project and say, “Go and make great use of the new system – and by the way, be a champion for this new initiative and run with it,” often without enough training. If that champion can’t, in turn, train a colleague, then they were not set up for success. Designing, creating and configuring a new system or software is only going to be useful if the people it’s meant for are positioned to use it where value realization is almost instantaneous. Here are four steps I like to think about when training users on a new system or software. 40 • SEPTEMBER 2023 • PPAI